Your identity shapes your reality

Who’d you say you were again? Your identity shapes your reality, but you’re actually not who you think you are. Your identity is in fact a creation thats been moulded and conditioned over time. It’s a constructed idea made from a collection of names and labels and stories that we stick to ourselves and others… Continue reading Your identity shapes your reality

Wildly Wealthy FREE audio

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The 1 thing that’s holding you back from creating all you desire 💫

Your searching for the right tool, the right answer, the right vibration, the ‘secret ingredient to manifesting’ the step by step model, the right blueprint, your constantly searching and seeking ‘out there’ and the more you do, the more you continue down this path, the more confused, overwhelmed, frustrated and disconnected you will continue to become.

An evening with Wayne Dyer

When you practice building trust within yourself and listening to the guidance you are being given, you no longer have to push your way to what you want, you no longer have to struggle financially or emotionally, you create a direct connection to the divine, to God, to Source or whatever name you want to give it, and life begins to magically unfold around you, all that is meant for you in this beautiful lifetime shows up at exactly the right time.