I help my clients see their greatest potential, break free from limitations, unleash their magic & powerfully transform their way of being to one that has them create and realise their vision of a wildly successful, joy filled life.

 "Working with Louise has been a huge personal transformation. I increased my confidence, transitioned from my old career, grew my business financially and stepped into the shoes I was born to fill. Working with Louise was the best thing I could've done for myself and my business

Rachel Ashcroft 
Mindfulness Teacher & Coach

 "Louise is an amazing coach. Every session we had together has been incredibly powerful and ive had really huge breakthroughs. Since being coached by Louise, every part of my life has improved for the better and my personal growth has increased immensely. I highly recommend working with her. "

Scott Campbell
Marketing Expert

 "If you are looking for a coach who will help you remember your magnificence and support you in building business structures to show off your brilliance – you’re in the right place! I hired Louise to help me take my business to the next level and she delivered! Every session we had was insightful, empowering and uplifting." 

Lana Shlafer
Manifestation Mindset Coach & Author

 "Working with Louise 1:1 was by far the best decision I ever made. Louise gave me Aha moments every single call, mirroring exactly what I needed to hear in the right moment at the right time.  I no longer get stuck in all the fear and what ifs, I let go of control and I trust. I have made 3x times amount of money since I started working with Louise. She opened a door to what I didn’t even think was possible for me and my business and I now trust that I DO know what I’m doing and that I’m good at what I do." 

Rachael Weaver  
Human Design Marketing Coach

"I've worked with a lot of coaches but i keep on coming back to Louise because I just love the way she moves between neuroscience, woo-woo energy and straight up strategy. As a former government strategist turned whole life healer, I appreciate that she can talk to both my mind and my emotions and help me walk the line between strategy and healing to. Louise is incredibly skilled and takes me right to the heart of my challenges - in our last session she clarified the vision i'd been agonising with for months in just 18 minutes! Her insight was so spot on I cried from the relief and joy of finally having clarity. I used to feel overwhelmed and procrastinated a lot but Louise gives me simple action steps and a clear picture of how each step will move me closer towards my goal. Thats what I love about her, you have a deep soul opening, habit changing conversation, and then walk away with the practical steps to make it happen. If you get a chance to work with Louise - TAKE IT! Theres no one else like her and you'll love how easy she makes it for you to get where you want to go.

Alexis Pierce
Author, Inner Peace Activist 

 "I was stuck in a massive rut and if it wasn’t for her I would probably have given up and been back in fulltime employment. Working with Louise has given me the coaching and support I needed to get ahead of myself and has been a mentor sharing tried and tested methods. She’s taken me from making absolute minimum to making more in the last month than I did in my last quarter. Louise helped me tap into my intuition and inner knowing that knows what to do. Louise is one of the best coaches I have ever had the pleasure to meet. " 

Harpreet Chana 
The Mental Wealth Academy

 ""Money is flowing again, debt is diminishing and I just launched my best program in my business. I have tripled my list and launched my first paid program and I am receiving a regular flow of income. I loved the EFT videos and extra training videos I received along with the support from Louise."  

Denise Filmore 
Business Coach

 "Oh my gracious, my entire time with Louise Danielle was one Aha after another! I was so stuck in not knowing how to differentiate myself, Louise got me so crystal clear I wanted to shout it from the roof tops! within just moments of our first conversation I felt so comfortable with Louise, she helped my dig into my deepest fears and biggest desires and we mapped out a plan to tackle both. Louise constantly offered my clear actions steps and was able to take any situation that arose into a manageable achievable results. I just love working with Louise, she always goes above and beyond and I felt fully supported in every way." 

Heather Carpenter 

"If anyone can help you remove your blocks and get real its Louise Danielle!  She's helped me over the last year and a half in a multitude of ways and was definitely brought to me by my guides when I' asked for help." 

Michelle DeWitt
Psychic Clarity Coach  

 "Working with Louise has been a huge personal transformation. I increased my confidence, transitioned from my old career, grew my business financially and stepped into the shoes I was born to fill. Working with Louise was the best thing I could've done for myself and my business" 

Rachel Ashcroft 
Mindfulness Teacher & Coach 

 "Working with Louise was literally a life saver. I got a call from Oprahs life class producer asking me if i could be on the show in a matter of days and being the type of person who's idea of hell is standing in front of a camera I turned to Louise. Louise stepped up with her incredible skills and beautiful heart and got me to a place where i was able to honour and serve the incredible opportunity that was put in front of me. She's able to quickly cut through your story and help you tap into the most authentic version of yourself. Louise really is an inspiration and I strongly recommend that you invest in yourself, your life, your future, by giving yourself the gift of Louise's wisdom and guidance in your life."  

Lola Reed 
Activist, World Change Agent

 "I'm feeling excited about my life and clear about my future I was in total despair and had no idea how to move forward in my life. Working with Louise has given me clarity and I now feel more confident in myself, excited about my life and clear about my future. I have so much to work with if things take a dip and she's given me the tools and strategy I need to pull myself out of it and keep moving forward. Louise really is amazing at what she does, I've come to the realisation that I do deserve what I want for my life, that it is truly possible for me to create it and I finally feel like i've moved passed the BS once and for all and now I get to enjoy the process of living!" 

Ben Simmons 

"Louise Danielle knows her stuff and she walks it. She has the ability to help you solve any problem, find the solution, lift your spirits and has the coaching ability to help you create lasting impactful change. Louise inspires me to live my best life, believe in myself when i meet a challenge and show up fully in my power as an entrepreneur.  She is an amazing woman and powerful coach that will help you succeed and make the difference you're meant to. Louise helped me find clarity and gave me amazing tools and strategy to help me move forward quickly leaving a huge and lasting positive impact in my life and business. Hiring Louise was a wonderful decision that i'm so glad i made. I truly adore and admire Louise Danielle and no doubt you will to." 

Lisa Borin 
Spiritual Entrepreneur 

 "I needed some help breaking through my blocks and Louise was highly recommended by a friend of mine. Louise has amazing positive energy. Ive definitely had a shift in my mindset. Money is flowing in and out a lot smoother and I feel more at ease with everything in my life. Her gift is that she frames and explains the psychological and woohoo side of things and i've recommended her to friends

Eli Trier 
Artist, Illustrator & Designer

 "I just downright love Louise Danielle. It was only half an hour working with the goddess and my ENTIRE mindset shifted! I brought in CASH MONEY 5 hours after our conversation and I couldn't have been more thrilled to work with her" 

Jenny Ravikumar 
Yoga Teacher  

"Doing this program changed my life and I raised the amount of money I was comfortable receiving from 3k to 10-15k per month! The next goal is 20-30k. I just have to reiterate all the amazing things Louise teaches. Learning to be abundant is like building abs in the gym, its takes commitment and consistency" 

D'Arcy Benincosa 
Success Coach & Photographer