Coaching Is The ULTIMATE Space Of Creation For People Who Are Seeking Deep, Lasting, Transformation, And Powerful Success Creation

This is your space to Access more freedom, power, fulfilment and joy in every area of your life

The Mission & Purpose of my life, is to help you live and create more powerfully in yours – to see you fully, to support you deeply, to help you wake up to your own greatness as a phenomenal creator in and of your life, so you can more powerfully create and be who you know you were born to be, and live in accordance with your highest possible potential.

Coaching together is a powerful journey of transformation through self-creation to unleash the extraordinary version of you that’s been waiting to emerge but has been pushed down through years of conditioning, fear, self-doubt, seeking and longing to be more, do more, have more, yet not knowing how to fully achieve it. This is the space and place for you to dream bigger and allow yourself to commit to the creation of your deepest desires fully. Together we will help you to powerfully break free from who you’ve been taught to be, see through the illusions of mind that have held you back, and powerfully recode your reality allowing you to step into who you know you were truly born to be, a powerful co-creator who gets to live the most phenomenal version of your one wild and precious life. I will show you how to access your untapped potential and empower you to bring it to life in every aspect of your world, from your level of impact, to your speaking, your being, your relationships, your business, and beyond. Our coaching relationship is a space for unwavering commitment to your growth, evolution, and the realisation of your dreams. In this sacred container, we’ll unveil the limitations that have been holding you back, and unlock newfound internal ways of being, along with strategic external actions, that lead to phenomenal success. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, leader, creator, influencer, coach, CEO, celebrity, or professional athlete, I’m here to stand firmly by your side, holding space for the highest expression of your capabilities and cheering you on as you create the extraordinary life you were born to live.

There is a magic within you, an untapped power and potential to shape your reality, master your destiny, and elevate the quality of life you experience and level of success you create’ 

Maybe you’ve already achieved a level of success, Maybe you’re in a phase of life transition Maybe you’re just getting started or maybe you’ve already achieved a level of success but you feel like you’ve barely scratched the surface of what you’re truly capable of. Either way, you’re ready to be more, do more, have more, And your soul is craving for two things: to live a life of intentional meaning and purpose aligned to your deepest core truths, values, and desires, and to create a phenomenal level of external success by living, being, and doing what you truly love. Together, I help you achieve both, guiding you toward a life of unparalleled impact, fulfilment, abundance, and success, all while cultivating an unwavering inner strength that transforms your presence in every area of your business and life. I am here to champion your highest capacity being expressed in the world and for you to create EVERYTHING that you are capable of. This is the Ultimate Mindset and Self-Creation work for those who know they were born for more. During our coaching together, there’s no rigid, one-size-fits-all formula, because people and life simply don’t function that way. You are the very essence of our work together. We focus on your dreams, your goals, your vision, and the formless creations yearning to manifest through you into the world. Together, we tackle the hidden obstacles and limitations that hold you back, bringing each aspect to light, skillfully alchemizing them to create a newfound sense of freedom and a transformed experience of reality. Once a coaching agreement is confirmed, we create an allocated time and day to meet bi-weekly via Zoom to powerfully co-create your being, your life, and your success. 

I offer the following online 1:1 coaching agreements:

3 months online 1:1 @ £3,500 (Approx $4465 USD)
6 months online 1:1 @ £6,000 (Approx $7670 USD)
12 months online 1:1 @ £10,000 (Approx $12760 USD)
Payment plans available upon request

All Coaching Partnerships include attendance to all live events during our time of working together.

I also offer the following 3 day in-person intensive @ £2,500

To explore the possibility of coaching together please book a connection call 
with the button below or email me

Working with Louise 1:1 was by far the best decision I ever made. Louise gave me Aha moments every single call, mirroring exactly what I needed to hear in the right moment at the right time. I no longer get stuck in all the fear and what ifs, I let go of control and I trust. I have made 3x times amount of money since I started working with Louise. She opened a door to what I didn’t even think was possible for me and my business and I now trust that I DO know what I’m doing and that I’m good at what I do." 

Rachael Weaver
Human Design Marketing Coach

  "Working with Louise has been a huge personal transformation. I increased my confidence, transitioned from my old career, grew my business financially and stepped into the shoes I was born to fill. Working with Louise was the best thing I could've done for myself and my business" 

Rachel Ashcroft  
Mindfulness Teacher & Coach

 "I was stuck in a massive rut and if it wasn’t for her I would probably have given up and been back in fulltime employment. Working with Louise has given me the coaching and support I needed to get ahead of myself and has been a mentor sharing tried and tested methods. She’s taken me from making absolute minimum to making more in the last month than I did in my last quarter. Louise helped me tap into my intuition and inner knowing that knows what to do. Louise is one of the best coaches I have ever had the pleasure to meet. "

Harpreet Chana
The Mental Wealth Academy

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