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'Louise Danielle was such an amazing guest, it was a pleasure having you, i'm so grateful for your genius"

"I just downright love Louise Danielle, it was only half an hour with her and my ENTIRE mindset shifted!"

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Louise Danielle

Transformation, self-creation & success realisation strategist.  

Over the last 14 years Louise has worked in the field of transformation and success realisation. Working with leaders, creators, entrepreneurs, coaches, healers & CEO's who are passionate about making a bigger difference in the world while living a life of higher power, potential, freedom, fulfilment and consciousness.

After transforming her own life from depressed, stressed and homeless, to waking up and seeing the magic, greatness and power we all posses as phenomenal creators of our lives, Louise went onto to build a transformational service based business business, generate over £800,000 in revenue, win awards and recognition for her work and positively inspire and impact the lives of hundreds of people from all walks of life. 

Today Louise works globally with those who are passionate about living their highest possible potential, from as far a field as the United States, Australia and across Europe. 

Blending self-creation, spiritual direction, mindset strategy, science and psychology, Louise guides you tap into your highest potential, realise your own greatness, break free from who you’ve been conditioned by the world to be, step into who you were born to be so you can awaken your potential as phenomenal creator and live a wildly wealthy, rich and successful life. 

Recent interview topics 

    • Business through being - creating more income and impact through being more NOT doing more 
    • Createing your next level breakthrough in business, wealth, success & life.
    • Tranforming your life from the inside out through the 3 principles of creation.
    • The power of Self-Creation and the principles of success, manifestation, creation and transformational change.
    • The myths of mindset and why traditional mindset work may actually be keeping you stuck! 
    • Escaping self-sabotage and quantum leaping your success.
    • Identity shifting for phenomenal success.
    • You're not broken, you don't need fixing, you're simply stuck in misunderstanding of who you are and the power you have to co-create your life, wealth and success.
    • Business and life success from the inside out, we live in an individual thought created reality, using the power of thought you get to create phenomenal levels of success.
    • Wealth Identity Embodiment & shifting your money mindset.

Some interview links

Mindset Behind A Purposeful Personal Brand With UK's No1 Mindset Strategist

Louise brings her expertise in NLP & Mindset to identify inner freedom & transformation that will support you in finding the real you that will aid your personal brand building. What excited me was when Louise shared her knowledge in neuroscience and steps to make it simple and practical for us to use in building our brands and business. Flipping from self-awareness to science, and delivered in such a way we can all implement the steps and make an impact in our lives.

Rethink Everything:
Episode 36 -
Louise Danielle

Going from depressed, stressed & homeless, to becoming an award-winning entrepreneur, rubbing shoulders with royalty and creating over a million dollars to do the work she loves, Louises passion & dedication have inspired thousands of people around the world, helping them to overcome their fears, break free from their mental prison, tap into their infinite potential & create a rich, rewarding life they love. 

From Being Homeless To Raising £800k And Now Creating Life-Changing Impact Through Coaching Globally.

Louise shares how she went from knowing nothing about business, to researching, learning and growing her way to success. Her personal struggles as well as her professional ones. Along with some really helpful tips and tricks for those who are starting out as an entrepreneur today. 

Success Mindset - How to shift your thinking and take your business to the next level of abundance 

Getting right to the heart of success, mindset, creating your breakthrough and stepping into abundance. Louise and I share our expertise and lessons from building and running service based businesses that make a bigger impact in the world.


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